Fashion Show Fatties

This past weekend, I experienced the bedlam that is a fashion show.

Being backstage was…exhausting/infectious/exciting/overwhelming/and crowded. Pretty much everything you see on ANTM is exactly what it’s like. Way too many people. Way too many people with no shame. And waaaay too many skinny bitches.

Case in point – this girl who weighed 74 pounds soaking wet. Waif, as I’m affectionately calling her now, was very tired from standing/not ever eating and decided to take a load off on a nearby table. Unfortunately the table was a POS and immediately collapsed. She fell to the floor and all of the contents of the table spilled on to her. Let’s just say I had to walk out of the tent because I couldn’t control myself.

But you know what? Part of me feels super-bad for this girl. Now she is so *convinced* she’s a fatty she’ll definitely never eat again.

FYI, a normal reaction would be: “Wow, that is a really poorly made table. Good thing I have some fat on my ass to break my fall. Hey, is that a Snickers?”

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