It’s time to stand up

Alright, I don’t normally post politicalness on my blog, but today I’m making an exception for a super scary bill.

We interrupt this program to bring you a special bulletin: Shit is about to hit the fan.

It’s very likely today or tomorrow the U.S. House of Representatives will vote on a bill to completely eliminate Title X Family Planning. What the heck is that? It’s a program that provides pap tests, STD screenings and treatment, breast exams, HIV tests, and more.

Unfortunately, this shit-tastic bill doesn’t stop there. The Pence Amendment also wants to strip Planned Parenthood of all federal funds. What would happen if this became reality?  Planned Parenthood would cease to exist as we know it. More women would have unintended pregnancies. Cancer would develop, undiagnosed, in countless women. Millions of women would be put at risk of sickness and death because they rely on Planned Parenthood for basic health care. 

I’m not just writing this post because I work for Planned Parenthood. I’m writing because this affects ALL of us, even men. It’s true! Men, think about:

  • YOUR GIRLFRIEND who relies on Planned Parenthood for her monthly supply of birth control (so YOU don’t end up a daddy quite yet)
  • YOUR SISTER who found a lump in her breast and came in for a cancer screening at Planned Parenthood.
  • YOUR FRIEND who had unprotected sex with that sketchy frat guy and need STD testing, as well as Plan B.

Or do it for me, because I’ve unfortunately experienced all of these scenarios, and without Planned Parenthood I don’t know where I would be today.

Here’s how you can help, and seriously, some of these options take minutes to do:

  • Call your  reps and senators and say “Vote NO on the Pence amendment to defund Planned Parenthood and any effort to eliminate Title X (ten) and family planning funding.”
  • Write a letter to your editor saying you are outraged (and use our nifty little template).
  • Change your Facebook profile picture to show your support for Planned Parenthood.
  • Text “I support PP” to 69866 (I KNOW you all have the unlimited texting plan!)
  • Spread the word—tell people about what is going on and encourage them to take action.

Please take a minute to help. It’s a bill that truly affects all of us. Feel free to get in touch with any questions.

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