Facebook Etiquette

Eat your heart out, Emily Post.

Logo property of Mark Zuckerberg, Justin Timberlake, and everyone else he ripped off in The Social Network

 1. To soften an electronic blow, simply add a smiley face to end of any sarcastic/bitchy post: “Oops! You spelled that wrong 🙂 ” is always nicer than, “You spelled that wrong.”

2. Instead of RSVPing “no” to an event you have zero interest in attending, it’s more polite to respond “maybe” to give your friend the impression you’ll try soooo hard to come. Follow up on the event wall with this exact sentiment.

3. Basing your guest list on who RSVPed “yes” on Facebook is the equivalent of closing your eyes and spinning a globe to determine where to vacation. You may stumble across an appropriate place or two…but mostly you’ll end up in third world countries and the Atlantic Ocean.

What are some things YOU’VE learned from Facebook, boys and girls? Leave a comment below.

2 thoughts on “Facebook Etiquette

  1. Susan Tomlinson says:

    Facebook! Grrrr…the love/hate relationship. What I’ve learned (or not):
    1. Just when I think I’ve figured out how it all works, they change the rules
    2. I “LIKE” the fact I can X out other peoples’ game requests
    3. Or quietly, discreetly “unfriend” an annoying acquaintance of 40 years ago who is SOOO politically incorrect!
    4. I like being a voyeur of others’ photo albums without actually being their friend.
    5. I wonder why people sign up for a FACEbook page and then do not post a profile photo…what’s up with that???!
    6. I’m annoyed with myself that I spend so much time reading facebook feeds when I’m trying to write something meaningful that would have potential future repercussions for the next generation.
    7. And when I do post something on my wall that I think should generate lots of comments and it doesn’t….well! I’m always surprised what DOES generate lots of comment.
    8. That’s enough of blog surfing too…I’ve got work to do today!

  2. Guacamole In My Hairbrush says:

    Don’t I hear you on most of those things, Susan! I used to always get so mad everytime Facebook changed it’s layout or permissions, or whatever they decided to alter that week. Now I just come to expect it I guess. Realizing how to decline everyone’s games request was life-altering for me as well. And yes, Facebook is a giant time suck…but it does have it’s advantages (besides stalking your exes, hehe)

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