About me


Thanks for stopping by! My name is Amy and I share a lot of stories from my life on this blog. You’ll find a little bit of everything on here:


  • Travel photos
  • Personal (mostly ridiculous) stories
  • A few recipes
  • Even a post from when I was delirious with the flu and thought blogging was a good idea.

Why the blog name Guacamole In My Hairbrush?
Great question. One day on my way into work, I was fishing through my over-sized bag looking for my badge. As I dug past the lip balm, the random receipts and loose change, my hand suddenly came in contact with something equal parts familiar and disturbing: a half eaten burrito from the night before, wrapped in tin foil, with my hairbrush bristles stabbing their way through. “This would literally only happen to me,” I said out loud. “Guacamole in my fucking hairbrush.” But I’m a turn lemons into lemonade kind of girl and suddenly realized I had the perfect name for my blog to summarize my blog, stories and life.

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